Algarve Freestyle & Free-Spirited Nomad Tour

Algarve Freestyle & Free-Spirited Nomad Tour


Start time: Saturday 10:00 (07 April)
End time: Saturday 18:00 (27 October)


For those who want an exclusive experience, this is the tour you should be looking at. Tailored to be a “private gig” of up to 7 friends and/or family members that want us all to themselves!

As soon as we meet we’ll get aquainted over a complimentary welcome breakfast where we will enjoy a “bica” (move over espresso!) or a “galão” (Portugal’s latte, yum!) and a fresh portuguese pastry of your choosing at a local bakery in Albufeira. During breakfast we will grasp the essence of your personality traits and preferences of the party and we will take things from there. There’s something special about discovering the next big moment in a free-spirited way.

This is the ideal tour for those who like to live in the moment and let themeselves be inspired by the culture, the surroundings and the essence of their senses at any given moment with no strings attached, just pure delight and the pleasure of discovering the Algarve Like-a-Local, on your own terms.

♡ Traditional Food:
No matter where the day takes us, we will recommend the best places to eat Like-a-Local;

♡ Regional Wine/Spirits/Beverages:
We will suggest the best pairings for all chosen food during the tour;

♡ You will discover whatever region(s) of the Algarve you desire to experience Like-a-Local:
You keep sharing more about yourselves – as we’ll keep capturing the essence of who you are and what (really!) makes you tick – and we’ll pave the way, spure of the moment freestyle – for a free-spirited unforgettable day of unique places, local attractions and delicious food, the nomad way;

♡ Where we will unveil gems of sightseeing, adventure, inpiration and tastefood experiences at:
Any destination of your choice!

Pick-up / Drop-off Location Albufeira Bus Station at the designated Tour Start/End Time.
Tour Dates: Every Saturday from April 1st to October 31st
Maximum Travelers: 7 People
Tour Duration: 8 Hours
Tour Start: 10 AM
Tour End: 6 PM

This is a nomad, free-spirited tour which will be designed in a freestyle manner depending on your personality and interests. It is a full-day trip that includes private transportation to and from all activities and/or destinations you want to experience for a party of up to 7 people – in any region of the Algarve – which also includes our tour guidance, ensuring an authentic Like-a-Local experience of all aspects of the Algarve you may wish to discover, however please note that food & beverage tastings, activities, local attraction admission tickets are not included. Ultimately, you and your party are in full control – destination, attraction visitation and/or activity decisions and any desired food experiences encured during the tour is the sole responsibility of its participants.

♡ Discover the Algarve Like-a-Local, no strings attached, nomad style;
♡ Be in control of the tour, with no rigid schedules, just relax and enjoy the day your way, knowing that our guidance will keep you off the beaten path and in alignment with an authentic local experience of whatever region(s) you desire to discover;
♡ Let yourself be inspired by the local places, the local people and their habits and accept the day as it plays out in a free-spirited style that meets spur of the moment desires and expectations.
✓ Wear comfortable shoes and clothing;
✓ Don’t forget to bring swimwear and a beach towel as there will most likely be interesting windows of opportunity for swimming and a fair dose of vitamine-sea;
✓ Be sure to bring the amount of local currency you estimate will meet the requirements of everything you want to see and do during your day;
✓ Bring your phone to take pictures, record and share the good moments – We have complimentary Wi-Fi On & Off board at all times during your tour!

▷ Full comfort 9 seater Minibus with air-conditioning and extra legroom.

▷ Breakfast meet-up is on us – “Bica” or “Meia de Leite” + a portuguese pastry of your choosing at a local bakery in Albufeira;
▷ Private Driver/Guides;
▷ All the necessary fuel for the discovery of any and as many destination(s) in the Algarve during the 8 hour tour time;
▷ All insurances legally required by law for both on board and off board requirements;
▷ Free Wi-Fi On & Off Board;
▷ 1 bottle of water per person, refreshing wipes, pocket tissues.

▷ Any applicable toll or parking fees;
▷ Any desired food & beverages, local attraction activities or admission tickets;
▷ Personal expenses (souvenirs, shopping, extra snacks or unexpected necessity items, etc);
▷ Private Driver/Guides food & beverage expenses (2 Pax);
▷ Private Driver/Guides admission tickets only if and when deemed necessary by the party – whenever their participation is considered to bring a desired guided experience to the attraction/activity chosen (2 Pax whenever deemed necessary).

▷ Bring sufficient cash that will enable you to experience the day to your liking, please know that no other currencies are accepted in the Algarve, other than the local currency which is Euros;
▷ Major credit cards can be used in most places but American Express is not accepted everywhere.

▷ All tours have been curated to allow a Kid-Friendly environment if and when needed. We will recommend suitable food and beverage options that may be more appealing to children whenever requested. Please note that there is no reduction of prices on tickets for children as they must, buy law and for safety reasons not only need to meet our full insurance policy requirements but will also thet will be occupying a full-priced passengers seat in the Minibus. In Portugal children that measure under 150cm in height require an appropriate baby seat and we provide them at no extra cost – if this is the case you can simply make your request during booking check-out;

▷ We provide an Elderly-Friendly experience to the extent of the elderly’s condition or limitation. Folding wheelchairs may be easily acommodated in the Minibus, however please revise the tour description & itinerary carefully as it will be the official care-takers sole responsibility to ensure the care-taking and/or participation level of an elderly passenger for the duration and activities in the tour. Please note that there is no reduction of prices on tickets for elderlies as they, buy law and for safety reasons need to meet our full insurance policy requirements, as will also be occupying a full-priced passengers seat in the Minibus.