Divine Detox autumn 2018 edition

Divine Detox autumn 2018 edition


Start time: Sunday 17:00 (16 September)
End time: Friday 12:00 (21 September)


Divine Detox for Body&Mind

Ofcourse you can decide to make space for a little detox any time of the year, but there are two times which are especially appropriate for this, Spring and Autumn.
In spring, we want to shed that winter coat, shake off that winter weight, welcome the warming sun and get revved up for summer
In autumn, it’s all about slowing down after summer, acknowledging you’ve been super busy, giving your body time to transition and restore from this.
The body’s natural detoxifier is the liver, and when the liver gets overloaded with excess toxins, it can result in migraines, irritability, rashes, anger… we can get tired, sick, gain or lose weight… High time to give the poor thing a break!!
Here’s how we are going to do that.
We will slow down. Like an overtaxed liver, an overtaxed mind and nervous system can lead to health issues like insomnia, indigestion, irregular menstrual cycles, weight gain... So we will slow down from our fast-paced, multi-tasking daily life routine. Put that phone down, take a break from tv, take your time eating your meal, practice yoga and meditation, clean up your mind from any negative thought and behaviour patterns, create space for renewal.
To give our liver a well-deserved rest, we will eat wholesome, cleansing, healthy foods, the menu for this retreat being 100% vegan, based on loads of fresh vegetables and fruits. This will exclude refined sugars, alcohol, coffee, gluten. Scary right??! Haha, don’t panic but trust us, we promise the food and drinks will be so yummy and filling, you’ll have a hard time believing you’re on a detox!!
Cleansing rituals will include Yoga, Pranayama (breathing exercises), dry-brushing, mud pack, massage….

Treat yourself to 5 days of self care, let’s honour and celebrate our beautiful bodies, worship them like the temples they are.


Women who deserve to take a break from their daily multi-tasking job as mother, wife, sister, daughter, business manager, employee,…..
Women who realize that at the end of the day they took care of so many things, but forgot about themselves!
Women who wish to deepen their connection to their souls and bodies.
Women who long to share and be surrounded with other women.
Women who want to discover a part of Portugal in a simple relaxing way.
Women like YOU……...fill out for yourself……….!!!!


(re)connection to your own body and mind, to others, to nature, sisterhood sharing, inspiration, insights, deeper awareness, setting intentions, surrender, growth, celebration, peace, alone time, laughter and tears, fun and sun, making new friends and creating golden memories.


• Daily Yoga and Meditation
• 1 Massage
• 1 night in Lisboa, including a Fado experience
• Dolphin watching
• SUP (stand up paddle) class
• Beach walks
• Dancing
• Mud pack
• Moodboard & Intention workshop
• ...and soooo much mooooore…..

Optional activities ( with extra cost):
• Horse riding through the rice fields and on the beach (50€)
• Surf lesson (40€)


Maya and Susanne, we are both originally from Holland, and we both have chosen Portugal as our homeland.
We strongly believe that a life without dreams is an empty life. Some dreams you will be able to manifest, some will forever stay a dream..
Pure Heart Celebrations is all about manifesting our common dream. To gather you beautiful women together here on this magical part of the earth, to share our wisdom and energy, to inspire each other and grow together !!

Susanne is a life-lover, soul-seeker, barefoot-walker, mother of 6 year old twins, Mia the mad cat, and the inseparable Peppie the hen and Kokkie the rooster.
She has been practising yoga for over 20 years and is a certified teacher since 2007 . Always continuing to study different aspects and forms of yoga, she now teaches traditional hatha yoga, the more dynamic vinyasa yoga, as well as the inward journey of yin yoga.
She feels blessed to share her passion for both the physical and spiritual aspects of yoga practice in her classes. Using awareness of the breath as the guide in all practices, she encourages you to forget about striking the perfect pose, but instead surrendering to sensations inside the body during the pose. If you’re feeling it, you’re doing it!!”
She is also a vegetarian for over 30 years, and loves to share her knowledge and yummy recipes on this.

Maya is a nature lover and celebrator of life. She enjoys spending time with her dogs in the peaceful Alentejo country side. With 25 years of experience as an international coach, massage-therapist and reader, she loves to guide women to a more joyful and passionate life. She is a great net-worker, organizer and a host of Olival das Hortas, always sharing her knowledge for business, life hacks, tips and tricks, making your life so much easier!!


Nestled in the soothing Grândola hills lies Olival das Hortas, an oasis of tranquility surrounded by orange-, lemon-, cork- and olive trees. Boasting an outdoor pool for refreshing dips, chill-out buddha gardens with lots of hammocks and cushions for ultimate relaxation, an outside kitchen area where we will enjoy our meals, making for the perfect safe environment to host this experience.
Olival das Hortas is located in the rural Alentejo region, near the upcoming area of Comporta and Carvalhal often dubbed as the new Ibiza!! Check out those Bali-style ricefields!!
Only 15 kms from the beautiful Atlantic coast, where you will find 60 kms of uninterrupted beach. It is an easy 75 mins ride south from Lisbon.

ACCOMMODATION will be shared in two private houses which each can sleep up to 5 people. Each house has a shared bathroom/toilet. And depending on season, there will also be 2 authentic tipis available, each one sleeping up to 4 people. Toilets and showers for the tipis are located in an open roofed outdoor building, bringing even these experiences closer to nature!

FOOD is a vital part of our daily life. You’ve probably heard the saying “You are what you eat, right?? In our opinion, nothing can be more true.. Therefore we will offer delicious healthy, wholesome, freshly prepared meals every day, on a vegetarian, mostly even vegan basis. Our fruit and veggies are provided by the local organic farm. Portuguese organic wine will be served at dinner. Herbal tea, spring water and healthy snacks will be available throughout the day. If you have any specific requests or allergies, please let us know so we can adapt.


7:30-9:00 Yoga
9:15 Breakfast
11:00 Activity
14:00 Lunch
Afternoon : Free time
17:30-19:00 Yoga
20:00 Dinner

Please note that this is an example to give you an idea of what a day could look like. Once we are all together we will be open to the needs and energy of the group, and we also have to take weather conditions into consideration.

• first night accomodation in Lisboa, including dinner in traditional Fado restaurant
• transport from Lisboa to retreat center, and back
• 4 nights accomodation in Olival das Hortas
• every day delicious vegetarian breakfast, lunch and dinner at retreat centre
• local wine with dinner
• 1 massage
• Dolphin watching trip
• SUP class
• Surprises!!!!!

• Flights to/from Lisbon
• Travel insurance
• Car rental if you prefer to have your own transport

Early Bird: 850€ (up to 2 months before retreat starts)
Full Price: 950€

Secure your spot by making a 50% deposit
Full payment is due by 14 days before retreat starts



Cancellations within 2 weeks prior to retreat cannot be refunded.
Cancellations 2-4 weeks prior to retreat will get 50% refunded.
Retreat will be confirmed once there are 6 confirmed inscriptions. In the case we have to cancel the retreat, deposits will be fully refunded.
Prices do not include flights, insurance, personal car rental, personal expenses, activities not included in above description of retreat.
We recommend you organise a travel insurance.

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