Voice Journey: 4 part workshop series, Cascais

Voice Journey: 4 part workshop series, Cascais


Start time: Saturday 14:00 (31 March)
End time: Saturday 18:00 (28 July)


Sensiis Cascais
Avenida 25 de Abril, 181, 1º Esq., Cascais


Voice Journey:
4-part (non-consecutive)Workshop Series
In this 4-part workshop series we will dive deeply into the transformative power of our voice.
(early bird fee until 1.3.)

Voice Journey is a dive into the depths of
discovering your own voice’s therapeutic potential.

The voice is more than just sound to communicate yourself with the world.
It is your unique expression, potentially a powerful tool for self-exploration and a therapeutic medium that is always with you.

In this workshop your own voice will guide you deeper into the journey of discovering yourself and others in a completely new way.

In this 4-part workshop series we will dive deeply into the transformative power of our voice. Our voice is always with us and very often we are unclear about its potential to bring about change. In these sessions we will get to know the voice as a tool to discover our true nature and we will become more clear about what we put in the way of being a full expression of ourselves.

“Your true expression is one of non separation.
It doesn’t have to do with sounding great or feeling a certain way.
It is about honesty with yourself and how we manifest that in the world.”
Day 1: Toning and Voicebaths 31.3.2018

In this workshop we will find more understanding on how sound interacts with our system and how it can shift emotions and bring us into an altered state of consciousness in which we might find more clarity about our own process.
We will let our bodies be moved by music, learn where certain vowels resonate in our bodies and how we can use voice exercises as an everyday practice.
The second part of our time together will be dedicated to a more passive expression of voice therapy: voice baths. We will let our bodies be bathed by each others voices followed by a voice and soundbath by the workshop leader to integrate and close the day.

Day 2: Voicescapes 21.4.2018

In the second day we will go deeper into expressing our personal experiences in a safe space. We will go deeper into how the voice can be of help to see beyond limiting beliefs in different exercises that will allow you to express parts of yourself that you would usually hide away. We will have our focus on “voicescapes” which describes the process of putting an object (art, story, emotion, theme) into an improvised vocal expression. We will step into an individual and collective expression created in the moment. There will be meditation and movement to sound and a voicebath to close the session.

Day 3: Tone Poems and Vocal Processing Techniques 12.5.2018

This day will be all about working with your cultural and personal stories. The third workshop day we will focus more on vocal processing techniques. Our voice can be our guide to explore different topics on an individual level. We will use practices that guide us deeper and help us to release what wants to be released. We will also dive more deeply into tone poems. This means that we will each create our own short unique sonic expression that can be shared in this and in any other group setting. Tone poems are usually deeply rooted in ones own personal story or culture and they are an invitation to create, improvise and voice together.

Day 4: Interactive Vocal Expressions 28.7.2018

On day 4 we will let the group intelligence guide us through different exercises that will bring joy, fun and a depth of expression. The aim of these group exercises that are mainly based on improvisation is to step out of your comfort zone and just express without knowing. That way we give space to express the unexpressed and we will all support a collective emergence of joy and surrender by giving our voices to the group. We step aside from our habitual ways of expressing ourselves.

All sessions will include short guided meditations, spontaneous movement to music, moments of silence to integrate and some short breaks.
The Session can be booked individually (non consecutive drop in class)
or as a package.
Early Bird price until March 1st : 30 Euros per Session. 120 Euros Package
After: 40 Euros, 145 Euros Package

The workshops will be held in English and run from 2pm until 6pm.

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